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Seven years has flown by…

I’ve not written on our blog for absolutely ages!  We’ve been so busy…new office, new clients, lots of their blogs to write!  It’s not left much time for our own.

BUT – when it’s your 7th birthday. I guess you have to spare a few minutes in between end of year accounts and writing new marketing and business plans!

Life running Buzz remains a rollercoaster but we are throughly enjoying our new creative workspace at Media City  and feel proud to have grown Buzz to be able to have such a lovely place to go.  We have our own specific workspace to work with our teams – Hannah with the designers and me with the content creators and planners.  There is a lovely balance of expertise all wrapped up in a buzzy atmosphere.

We are also proud of our clients – some of who have been with us since the very beginning.  We are all about the relationships and bonds we make with the individuals who form part of our clients teams.  People buy people, our reason why remains to make people happy by making their day a little easier and sometimes a bit more fun.

In the last year we have launched a brand new member website for one of our Pension Trustee clients which has been hard work with lots of learnings but we were delighted to get an almost 80% open rate on the first (GDPR compliant ;-)) email we sent.

We have gained more design work to complement our busy strategy, planning and content portfolio and learned an awful lot more about B2B marketing from our partners at Upp B2B.  We also worked out why we do what we do!  Simon Sinek has definitely changed our perspective and made us much happier bees.

To all our clients current, past and those we dip in and out of the water with – we thank you – your support and confidence in us is unwavering.  Even in our anonymous survey to you all it was still an overwhelmingly kind result.

To anyone who’s reading this and hasn’t joined the party – what are you waiting for? 🙂

Keep Buzzin’ (am I too old to say that now?!)


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