What We Do

Marketing Consultancy

We not only offer advice on how to get the best from your marketing activity. We can also deliver the initiatives that this advice identifies. Our clients may be an organisation that doesn’t have an internal marketing function, but really needs help or advice with how their business, their brand, their products and/or their services are marketed.

We work to help you become better at marketing and learning new strategies or we simply take the whole process from you and deliver the whole package.

Creative Design

We don’t just provide a marketing consultancy service we also offer up design services too. Whether it’s for a one-off project or if you need a designer on hand for a bit longer, we’re always flexible to each of our clients’ needs. Below are just a few examples of our most recent work.


Our Directors background is actually as a Commercial Director at a large PLC so we have some experience outside of marketing to offer. Helping to review products, write business plans and propose new business opportunities our consultancy goes beyond marketing.
We’ve helped our clients refine their product ranges, develop new products and looked at businesses’ budgets too.


In 2017, we took the step to expand Buzz outside of marketing and commercial consultancy after more and more requests to help with other projects.  From that we invited an Operations specialist with over 23 years’ experience to join our team.

Matt started with the team in September and is already adding to our services with our existing clients and supporting current projects.

Matt has led on many projects from the Award Winning Vantage Busway, special events management like Park Life, Metrolink and Rail Replacement projects to managing driver payroll costs to the most efficient level possible without affecting service delivery.

Matt is also proud of the individuals he has developed in businesses from Managers to Leaders, having followed a Leadership Development Programme himself.

With an International CPC and experience in one of the largest bus operating companies in the UK we are pleased to have a new branch to the hive.

If you need to fill a temporary gap in your team or need support for a project such as a review of the efficiency of your operations, support setting up a new route, setting up a training school or support in dealing with stakeholders get in touch today.

Small business support

Having been there ourselves we know how to help you set up or promote your small business with help on branding, writing your business and marketing plan, social media plans and management and local advertising opportunities.
We can sort your brand and marketing whilst you get on with your job!