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Had a great lockdown idea? Need help to get up and running? Need someone to talk to? Claire started Buzz from a pickle of an idea over 10 years ago and has ridden the roller coaster of start-up life ever since. This gives Buzz great insight into helping new start-ups and small businesses. Claire has even been known to even help out the local shops around her home village!


With a combined 50 years of design experience in the team we know how to deliver for the customer (not the client) creating meaningful and beautiful designs and most importantly placing them where they need to be seen! That is where the science of marketing comes in and the constant learning experience we participate in here. We are all educated to a degree level and have numerous marketing qualifications we work on every year. Plug that in with our years of experience in marketing across the UK and we have a beautiful mix to share with you.


So what the heck is this? Well alchemy means ‘a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination’. And quite honestly, that is what we do – we work on finding out your why and your hex and creating the perfect mix of tools for you and your business to deliver your goals.

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